PRP Vampire Facial by Ell@'s Med Spa

At Ell@'s Med Spa, we are proud to specialize in PRP vampire facials, offering the latest in facial rejuvenation. PRP vampire facials help your skin look and feel it is best using a natural healing path. We use Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) derived from your body to activate collagen growth, deeply nourish and repair damaged areas, stimulate cell migration, clear blackheads, and reduce blemishes. Our PRP vampire facial treatments leave you with brighter and softer skin while fighting signs of aging naturally and effectively. Whether you're looking to fill in fine lines or reinvigorate tired-looking skin, PRP vampire facials can help give you the results your skin deserves. Our services also include botox and IV hydration therapy that delivers vital fluids to the bloodstream quickly, increasing energy levels and repairing cellular damage at an accelerated rate. Schedule an appointment today!